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What type of soil should I use?

Depending on the project there are a few different options:- Garden Soil is the best option for direct planting (vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, planters, etc.) it can also be used to topdress and improve existing soils – if you want to do a little bit of everything, this is their best bet.

– Enhancer/Lawn Soil – in Western Canada, Enhancer soil is the choice for amending and improving tired soils. It is also great for topdressing. In Eastern Canada, our Lawn Soil is the best bet for preparing your yard for sod, topdressing or even topping off existing beds.

– Compost – Compost is a great way to add nutrients to your growing areas, whether it’s your lawn or a planting bed. Think of this as more of a fertilizer than a soil – it’s great if you just want to inject a little life where soil depth and composition are not an issue.

How much will I need?

– Depending on the product and the intended use, there are different application rates. Follow the guidelines below, or use the calculator on

Soils –

Topdressing (1/2”) = 648 ft²/yd³

Enhancing Garden (3”) = 108 ft²/yd³

Starting a Garden (7”) = 46 ft²/yd³


Mulch –

Topdressing (1”) = 324 ft²/yd³

Planting Beds (2”) = 162 ft²/yd³


Compost –

Topdressing (1/4”) = 1,332 ft²/yd³

Enhancing Garden (1”) = 333 ft²/yd³


Decorative Rock –

2” – 120 ft²/yd³

Can I have next day delivery?

– Delivery is guaranteed within 2 days of your order. You will be contacted to confirm delivery time once your order has been dispatched. Next day delivery is possible, but depends on delivery volume and your delivery area. We provide a 24hr delivery notice window for all deliveries. On the day of your delivery you will be notified when you are the next stop on the route. You may also opt to receive your bag up to 5 days earlier than your requested delivery date if our trucks are in your area. This helps to minimize the environmental impact of our delivery trucks.

Where will the bag be delivered?

– Your Blue Cube will be delivered right where you want it, provided our forklifts can access the area (10ft span and solid ground). Be sure to mark the drop off spot with an ‘X’.

How do I mark an ‘X’?

– You can mark an ‘X’ in any number of ways including: using sidewalk chalk, using wood, using pieces of rope, etc. It doesn’t matter what you use so long as the area is clearly indicated.

Can I have the bag dropped in my back yard?

– Yes, as long as your yard is open and accessible to our forklifts.

Will your forklift damage my lawn?

– It is possible that our delivery equipment could leave track marks on your lawn, dependant conditions like weather, etc. If you are concerned about damaging your lawn, we recommend placing your bag on a solid and easy to access surface.

Will I be able to move my bag once it is delivered?

– The weight of your bag varies based on the material contained within as well as considerations such as moisture, how full it is, etc. You will not be able to move a full bag or even a half full bag without heavy equipment. As you get closer to the bottom of the bag you may be able to move it, but as a rule of thumb, plan your delivery location in a spot that you will not need to access until your bag has been emptied.

How much space will my Blue Cube take up?

– Very little. A full sized Blue Cube will occupy an area of 33” by 33”. A Blue Cube Mini will take up 29”x 29”.

Is the product guaranteed?

– All Blue Cube products come with a 100% Quality Guarantee. If you have any issues with your Blue Cube we will arrange for a refund or replacement.

Is my bag recyclable?

– Yes. If you are able to return your Blue Cube to one of our locations, or partner locations, we will recycle it and donate $5 per bag to charity.

If you are unable to return the bag or make arrangements to get it to a recycling facility directly, we encourage you to try repurposing them.

Some ideas include:

Air conditioning cover
Raised planter